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Our Mission

"Our mission is to help young adults living with kidney disease between the ages of 18 and 40. We will also educate the general public on how to spot the early symptoms of kidney disease, what their kidneys do and how precious they are.

Following the loss of our Danielle to kidney disease we decided that we must do something to help young people living with this terrible illness. Kidney disease has no cure, you can only prolong life by receiving a transplant or dialysis. People receiving treatment have to endure so much. It's extremely invasive, not only to their bodies but also their lives.

Dialysis for 4 days a week and 4 hours per session leaves very little time for a job, hobbies, friends or a social life, the things young people should never have to go without. After watching Danielle go without all of these things for so long and losing her battle so young, we decided for young adults living with this disease, we must do all we can to help put a smile back on their faces,  help them do something fun, help them to feel like they have friends and people that understand, help them to feel more comfortable whilst receiving treatment so they don’t skip treatment and most of all help them to feel that life is worth living and fighting for."

Ruth , Sarah and Fiona

Meet The Trustees

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Danielle's sister



Danielle's mum



Close family friend

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